• Apply my 3 years of knowledge and experience from the NBN rollout in Coffs Harbour to better inform and educate business operators.


  • Support  Businesses with the tools required to get them connected to the NBN in a planned timely manner before the 18 month disconnection timeframe.


  • Provide businesses with advice regarding the choices of the many service providers which best suites each of their individual telecommunication needs.


  • Establish trusted long term business networks.










About Me

My Experience and knowledge spans over more than a decade working in the Telecommunications Industry.


I have Managed successful sales achieving stores in Sydney and Coffs Harbour which further gained me a role as company trainer for multiply store locations, a specialist in  business development for telecommunication services and more recently  being involved with the planning of a successful rollout of the NBN to consumers and business in the city of Coffs Harbour for Telstra.


The above is many years of valuable expertise and knowledge about what works best in the telecommunications industry and for my clients, experience that can support business operators with making more informed telecommunication decisions for their current and future needs.


I am based in Coffs Harbour and have lately been part of the NBN rollout for our local council area which was one of the original few selected to be a trial area for this new government upgrade to our National telecommunications network for our country’s digital future advancement.


During this time I worked for Telstra over a period of 3 years where I have built valuable connections with key management personnel at Telstra, NBN Co and also within Council which has provided me with a broad understanding, in-depth and valuable knowledge about this new government NBN network and the best process that is required to be followed from being serviceable to being connected.

My involvement in this NBN rollout has gained my valuable experienced knowledge in


  • Pre NBN rollout community engagement programs


  • Process for Capturing Expressions of interest prior to the NBN rollout


  • Public speaking about the NBN to business groups


  • NBN transition planning and advice for business


  • Understanding how to resolve NBN address mis match issues


  • Process being followed from applying for a connection to being connected to the NBN


  • Resolving issues with NBN installations for consumer and business


  • Face to face door knock awareness campaigns for consumers and business


  • Concerns facing the business community about the NBN and getting connected


  • Purpose and function of various NBN connection ports and Battery backup options.