NBN tips for Hotel Operators

A few weeks ago I had an appointment with an Hotel Operator who made the comment to me about how the NBN has made no difference to their business and not sure why they have changed from the previous copper network that was working just fine.

To this I questioned what speed they had subscribed to and unveiled they were only on the base rate of 25/5 and not the fastest speed of 100 / 40.

So here was my first opportunity to advise to increase the NBN connection to the highest speed

of 100 / 40.

This was going to be at higher monthly cost for a speed increase and the Hotel operator was further questioning why they should pay more to have a better speed.

This being a plausible question the reasoning was still to be advised and after some discussion about the business and how they operated I found out they offered FREE wifi to their guest's but only if they requested the password.

After this discussion and having an informed understanding about business I made the following recommendations to the hotel operator.

1. Make it part of the check in process to actively tell guest's that the hotel has the Highest Speed NBN available for no extra cost and encourage them to use it ( within reason ).

2. Put up a poster on the Check desk to encourage guest's to leave a positive comment on both trip advisor and your facebook page about their experience and mention about the FREE High speed

NBN Wi-fi.

3. REWARD the guest for making the effort and doing the above request by giving them a voucher for $5 to use at nearby cafe.

The expected results from doing the about 3 suggestions would be :

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE- Highest speed NBN will ensure a great wi-fi experience that a guest would want to comment about.

CREATES AWARENESS - Positive comments on Trip advisor and FB would increase awareness of Hotel and be encouragement for potential guests to book in to the hotel father than go somewhere else.

POINT OF DIFFERENCE - In a competitive market having the highest NBN Wi-Fi available creates a point of difference from other hotels in town.

CREATE ADVOCATES - By rewarding guest's with a $5 voucher gives them something more to talk / comment about and creates traffic for the local cafe who if they start getting more business will be advocates for the hotel as well.

In summary to the original comment the Hotel operator made about the NBN and after some discussion and advice the business will start getting the benefit of the few and simple changes

made regarding the NBN and the customer experience.

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