Will my EFTPOS terminal work on the NBN

One of the most frequently ask questions of the over 350 business operators I assisted prepare to connect to the NBN was,

" Will my EFTPOS still work on the NBN ? "

A completely justifiable and important question considering this was a major form of collecting money payments from their clients and for this not to work would seriously effect cash flow into the business .

The answer to this question is that you should call your provider of this terminal to find out if the device you currently have is compatible on the NBN ( Click here for the NBN answer to this question as well )

When you do call the provider of your EFTPOS terminal my suggestion would be to ask about a wireless terminal option that is either a backup or completely works on the mobile network.

Having this option means you take the NBN out of the equation and have a terminal that operates independent of the NBN and also a terminal that now has the benefit of working remotely from the business for off site business operations and collection of payments.

Further to this there have been great advancements in the collection of payments options that many financial institutions have developed and adopted. Be sure to take time and read further about this topic by clicking on the below comment from this related article.

The next wave of payment innovation is going to hit Australia in a few months with digital wallets and Australians will soon completely leave their cash and credit cards at home.


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