The INTERNET has STOPPED working

Its a Friday afternoon and all has gone well this week as the business begins to wind down for a well deserved weekend break.

As 2.30 pm passes something changes the vibe of this Friday afternoon as the Internet and phones stop working and the reboot of the computers doesn't fix the problem.

The Internet and phones not working on a Friday afternoon would normally be a blessing for some businesses to close up early but in the evolving digital economy of change the difference for this business is that now all the reporting and point of sale processes are in the cloud and the Internet not working means the Reporting and POS cannot reconcile the days takings and accounts and further still the important weekly reconciliation wont happen either.

On top of these problems is the customer who has been in several times this week is back and they want to purchase the product they have been inquiring about.

What would normally be a disastrous end to the week does not necessarily have to be if the business has a Back up plan and this plan has been effectively communicated to the staff.

Some options this business has for a back up solution is a modem / router that can connect to the data and voice services on the mobile phone network.

This will allow access to data over the 3G / 4G mobile network so the POS and reporting can continue to operate and the reconciliation for the day / week can take place as it needs to.

As for the voice calls the same solution can be put in place with calls having an automatic diversion to a main mobile phone service and for larger businesses this mobile service could be a separate mobile number with the sim put into a device called a GSM voice dialer that can be set up to work through the internal phone system.

The above mentioned solutions are great back up plans for business in times of the Internet or voice lines not working and discussions with your service providers will give you a better understanding with what they have available to suite individual business needs in regards to correct plans for data and voice allowances that will be needed.

Backup planning is it is great to have it in place but most important of all, is training and communicating the back up solution to the staff at your business.

Even roll play the scenario once a month to test it is working and to ensure staff have the back up plan and procedure correct and ready for the time they might actually need it.

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