Business NBN & Speed Choices

August 4, 2016


Many business owners have made comments to me after the business has been connected onto the NBN that the speed is not as fast as they thought it would be and how it had not met the business owners expectations.


There are many factors for a business owner to consider when trouble shooting as to why the Internet speed is slower than expected.



1. What speed on the NBN are you subscribed up to ?


    Some service providers will have  default speed connection for their plans and unless requested by         the customer then this will be the connection speed the business will get initially.


    My first suggestion is to first check what connection speed you are being subscribed to by your                 service provider and if needed request the speed boost.


    There are 5 speed tiers to be considered on the NBN and each business may have different                       requirements.  ( Click here to direct link on NBN Co list of speed tiers )


    Once your speed boost has been upgraded you can check your Internet connection speed using the         below speed test site to double check what your are subscribing to is close to what you are actually         getting on the NBN.




2. How many staff are using the Internet within the business ?


     Just as the pressure of water flow from a hose will be effected by the number of outlets turned on at        the same time so to is the case with the connection speed of the NBN in your business.


    The more users on the Internet at the same time will impact the speed, so to resolve this problem one     of 2 things can be done.


    1. Increase the speed boost with your service provider if not on the highest speed of 100 / 40mbps.


    2. Apply for a second data connection to the business.



3. How many voice lines are being used over VOIP on the NBN ?


     Some service providers may be sharing the voice and Internet over the one NBN connection and              so the more voice lines operating over this can impact the Internet connection speed, so just the              same as the past scenario my recommendation would be similar.


     1. Increase the speed boost with your service provider if not on the highest speed of 100 / 40mbps.


     2. Apply for a second data connection to the business and have the Voice / VIOP lines on thier own              connection independent of the second Data only service to utilize just for the Internet usage.




Please note the above mentioned cause of impacts to your business NBN speed are only a few of what I have come across mostly and there can be many other factors that effect your business NBN speed. My recommendation is if the above makes no difference then further consult your Service Provider or  Business IT support partner for further advise. 





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