Emerging NBN Issues & Why getting prior independent advice will save your Business Reputation !!

Many people will wonder if there is really a need for getting prior independent advice about connecting to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and understanding what's involved in the connection process.

You may enter the process of connecting to the NBN with a belief it will be faultless and your trusted Internet Provider will have it all sorted for you, but lets first look at the below published facts surrounding the NBN and getting connected.

An ACCC report published in Feb 2016 has the below comments.

Emerging NBN issues

In 2014–15 the TIO received 6715 NBN-related new complaints,

68.6 per cent more than last year.

During the year, the main NBN complaints related to connection delays, faulty services and missed connection appointments. (Click here for link to this full report)

Let's highlight some figures from the above and remember this is factual data.

- 6715 NBN related new complaints

- 68.6% more than last year

Main NBN complaint issues

- Connection Delays

- Faulty Services

- Missed connection appointments

Further to this data is the below article published on the 11th April 2016 in the Newcastle Herald

Hunter's National Broadband Network in crisis as consumers are plagued by delays and speed issues (Click here for link to this article)

Below are some quoted text from the article,

Marianne Fowler was told by her telco before Christmas she would be connected “within a week or two” after switching off her old ADSL line.

Instead, the Windale woman spent four months defending her reputation as a photographer, working furiously – even in free WiFi zones – to get back on top of her workload.

“Everything about this process has been stressful – you feel so helpless,” Ms Fowler said.

“I’m a wedding photographer – it’s a job that needs the internet – there’s not one part of my job that doesn’t require it.

“So I’m months behind in my workload and still trying to catch up.”

In this article there are some things no business owner whats to hear like,

- "Four months defending her reputation as a photographer"

- “Everything about this process has been stressful – you feel so helpless,”

- “I’m months behind in my workload and still trying to catch up.”

Wow !! What a read, and these are only 2 articles of many more horror stories surrounding businesses getting connected to the National Broadband Network.

Horror stories like these are the reason behind the foundation my consultation business called Fibre Network Choices and my passion to share what I have learn't from over 3 years experience working with over 350 business owners to get them connected to the NBN to date.

I have driving passion to educate and prepare other business owners about the NBN connection process so as to minimise the negative factors that will impact their business.

I want to be the experienced factor in your business NBN planning and migration process that at the end means you have a informed and prepared connection the NBN.

Make contact with me today and book and appointment early as my weeks are increasingly booked out.

Book Appointments on line at - http://www.fibrenetworkchoices.com/register

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Kind Regards,

Lachlan Hockings

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