Complaints about the National Broadband Network have almost doubled !!

This week we had the release of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s 2016 report.

Its not surprising to read that complaints about the National Broadband Network have almost Doubled from the previous report in 2014/15 to a staggering 13,406 new complaints.

These complaints were from 2 main issues

1. Fault Issues (Slow data speeds / drop outs / unusable services)

There were 7,480 fault issues recorded, this is an Increase of 147% compared to the previous years report for 2014/15.

2. Connection Issues (Connection delays and missed appointments)

There were 7,948 connection issues recorded, this is an increase of 63% compared to the previous years report for 2014/15.

Complaints about the National Broadband Network now make up more than 11% of all complaints to the TIO with more than a quarter of new complaints from regional and rural area's.

These are some alarmingly high figures relating to issues with the National Broadband Network for what has been reported and I'm sure this would be higher if all issues were reported to the TIO but due to most issues being referred back to the service providers to handle these true figures will not be known.

This report / figures highlight and further backup ongoing concerns for consumers / business owners still to be connected that the process of transitioning will have a negative impact to their normal business operations and productivity.

The area's with the highest NBN complaints are listed below by postcode.

Source : TIO 2016 annual report

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