Business Focus in 2017

My Business Focus for 2017

Have clients feel like they are the most valued and important business to Fibre Network Choices.

This will be achieved by delivering a professional customer focused service that goes beyond what they have ever experienced before regarding support and advice for their Internet and Phone services.

The value I want to bring to your Business in 2017

The National Broadband Network will impact more businesses this year since its initial roll out in 2013, I believe many business owners are unprepared for the transition to the National Broadband Network and many more are concerned about the negative impact to their business operations when making the change.

Fibre Network Choices is committed to ensuring business owners that engage its services and experience, have an informed and well communicated transition to the National Broadband Network with minimal impact to everyday business operations.

I believe many Business Owners in Australia are still paying too much for their monthly Internet and Phone Services and I am committed in 2017 to help business owners get better value for money with their monthly communication cost.

There is a smorgasbord of choices with Internet Services providers on the National Broadband Network and there is the perfect opportunity for business owners to shop around in regards to getting the best value for money ISP for their business.

With this smorgasbord of choice of ISP's on the National Broadband Network many businesses will still stay with who they currently have due to fear of change and how it will impact their business or secondly due to time restrictions.

Fibre Network Choices is committed to doing the shopping around for business operators in Australia when making the choice of ISP for connecting to the National Broadband Network and having business operators informed about how the change might impact their business operations and removing the time restrictions that are faced with not being able to shop around.

Thanks for taking the time to read today.

If you wish to engage the services and experience of Fibre Network Choices please contacting myself on the below mobile or email

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Lachlan Hockings

Mobile - 0421 888 000

Email - l.hockings@fibrenetworkchoices.com

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